About Us

Stuartizm Designs, LLC started in 1995 as a family-run airbrushing company.  The family behind the business has been across America many times painting laser tag arena's and haunted houses for the family-friendly entertainment industry.  Stuart, the airbrush artist, has also been around the world airbrushing, including England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.  Stuart is the top 3D artist in the haunted house industry.  With over 20 years of artwork, the family has decided it is time to share his amazing artwork with the rest of the world at Stuartizm Prints!

This is where you can purchase items to wear or decorate your home with!  Our amazing artwork looks great on many different products!  You can watch some of the artwork being created at www.youtube.com/user/StuartizmDesignsLLC !


Or check out our website at: