Understanding the Artwork with Stuartizm Prints

Understanding the Artwork with Stuartizm Prints

Print marketing is a powerful tool to give in to visual communication. Print is still valuable to consumers. Over sixty percent of people in a recent print survey reported that they not only read printed messages, but they enjoy receiving print communication.

Today, we’re going to share three reasons why print is integral to your marketing mix:

Print can help you receive and retain customers: Multiple studies have shown that print helps both receive and retain customers more than any form of medium. Furthermore, print has also been shown the most trusted form of communication.

Print lets people “unplug”: Digital messaging is impressive, instant and convenient. For eg: When you buy skull printed dress online – you notice the print, it attracts you and is impressive. This is exactly how visual communication works! It is direct, clear, crisp and catchy.

Print attracts more attention: Print is tangible and is placed right into the hands of potential customer. It cannot be deleted or forgotten which increases its visibility and reachability.

Print is powerful and there will always be a place for print in the marketing realm.

Be it printed dress to buy Halloween sticker pack - find the best of all with Stuartizm Prints. With over 20 years of awesome artwork by Stuart Smith, to bring a wide variety of printed products for you to cherish. We also have included some drawings from our Slaya Collection for your enjoyment.

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